Saturday, 5 March 2011

To weave or not to weave??

It's that time of year where the weather is cold, so are my feet and hands, and so is my hair. So like 89.3% of black girls (according to my stats) I decided it's time to hide the hair under some form of  1B Remy/Marley/Janet/ Expressions or whatever weave or extension brand of your choice. I have a lot of hair, and on Thursday, after ripping and attaching my way through 3 bags of Janet Marley braid (Colour 1B with some 2 for excitement of course), I ran out.
So I asked my kind Father to buy me some more hair while he was doing his weekly Yam and Sweet Potato shopping. Cue a passionate rant from said Father about how 'wrong' it was for me to be putting 'all of that fake stuff in my hair', and 'why wasn't I happy with all the hair I already have?' and so on and so forth. I was quite taken aback mainly because:

1) Who said it was anything to to with me not liking my hair? It's cold!! My hair doesn't like cold!

2)I didn't know my Dad was so passionate about this issue to the point of him actually refusing to buy it for me..

3) I was rather tired and not really prepared for the verbal battle.

Second scenario. I was talking to two of my friends via skype, one girl and one guy, who both said that extensions were different to weaves because extensions aren't deceitful, you're not trying to pretend it's your own hair, but weave 'is a lie'. In fact my female friend said ! "Nowadays, you can't even tell anymore , I see people and compliment them on their hair and then I feel deceived when I find out it isn't theirs!"

So my question to you is...what is your opinion on women with natural hair wearing weaves or extensions? Or even women with relaxed hair?? Does it go against the principle of having natural hair in the first place? Is it 'deceitful'? Does it just look bad anyway?...Comment and lemme know!!


  1. Hmmmm funnily enough I have also had this same conversation with some of my guy & girl friends. I agree that ppl don't appear to like being 'deceived' & prefer the whole what you see is what you get of plaits/twists etc.
    However I have some friends that would openly tell you that their hair is a weave - so there's no room for deception there.
    Personally i think ppl are just too 'inna' & want to know EXACTLY whats going on with your hair b4 they compliment you - which i think is wrong, if you (or your hair) looks nice, then say so..
    Just my two'pence worth Xxx
    (O & my hair is in twists at the moment!)

  2. I believe that its ok for women with natural hair to wear weaves as long as they look after their own hair underneath it. The issue is that many
    women who wear weaves prefer the falsie to their own hair, which I find quite sad, which results in them dedicating all their time and energy into making the weave look good whilst their edges are eating out below.

    However, some women wear weaves just for a change and they do take care of their hair underneath. My proposal is that weave is cool as an occasional hairstyle and not the dominant hairstyle and if a naturalista decides to wear weaves, she should wear one that reflects her own hair type.