Sunday, 28 August 2011

Yes, 'nappy' hair can be long...(some inspiration)

I for one, am sick of hearing that natural hair can't grow long, or that only a certain type of natural hair (curly - type 3 hair, can grow long). I'm fed up of people disqualifying me as a 'normal' natural because I have 'nicer' hair than them, and therefore it's a 'better' texture, and easier to manage.Uh - uh. All natural hair with good care, can grow. Yeh, there are genetic factors for certain folk, etc, but most people can grow long hair. So I thought I'd leave some inspirational pics...

Singer Nadia Turner

Model Aisha Cain

Singer Esperenza Spalding

Blogger Cipriana of UrbanBushBabes

Sera, who is from Sierra Leonne and has a greeat youtube channel :  

And finally....plain old me. 
(I'm not a singer, celeb extraordinaire..just a regular chick, who took care of her hair better and it grew).

There you go...4a, 4b hair..long as you like :-)

Peace, Love and Hair Grease folks xx