Sunday, 5 August 2012

Yarn Braids 101

Yarn Braids are super popular at the moment. They are a great alternative to braiding with synthetic hair, and they are super light and really natural looking. I've done them a couple of times before, and they're becoming one of my go to protective styles simply because the lightness of the yarn means less stress is places on my hair, and the texture means that I can get away with faking dreadlocks, not to mention, a ball of yarn can cost as little as £1, so it's a win in situation.

They are really simple to do, just cut the yarn to your desired length and braid in a similar way you would to box braids.

Key tips:

  • Don't braid too tight
  • Use only acrylic yarn NOT wool
  • Once they're in, moisturise daily with a conditioning spray that has water, glycerin, conditioner etc in it.
  • Make sure you moisturise the whole length of your hair.
Here are some pic of my latest set:
 (Excuse my lack of groom-ed-ness, it was late)

Peace, love and (non-petroleum) hair grease lovelies! x

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