Thursday, 12 July 2012

How to Henna/Indigo Natural Hair

Sorry for the hiatus guys! I'm back with some tips :-)

Henna is a natural herb that is great for providing strength, colour and thickness to natural hair. 

I just finished henna'ing my hair, and I can already feel that my hair is stronger and thicker, so I thought I'd share how I did it.

You will need:

1) 50 grams Indigo (Black Henna)

2) 50 grams Henna (this is the brand I used)

3) Half a pot of Greek Yoghurt (plain)

4)A capful of Apple Cider Vinegar (or any other vinegar, or lemon juice)

5)A tablespoon of honey

6)200 ml of green tea/ water
7)A plastic fork
8)A plastic container


  1. Tip the indigo and henna into the container
  2. Add the half pot of yoghurt
  3. Add the capful of vinegar
  4. Stir vigorously until a thick paste is made
  5. Add the green tea or water gradually to ensure the mixture doesn't get too runny
  6. Add the honey
It should end up looking something like this:

(I got this image from google images via

Leave overnight/ for four hours for the dye to release

Wash and condition your hair.

Part your hair into four or more section, and apply the henna paste (use gloves if possible!). You don't need to comb it through, brush it through or anything. It should be too thick to do that anyway.

Cover your hair with a plastic bag/cap.

Leave in for 3 hours or so, less if you want less dye release.


Deep condition after as henna can be drying. (With a protein free condish)

You might want to put some shea butter around your hair line to prevent the dye from staining your forehead :-)

Hope this was helpful.

Peace, Love and Hair Grease my lovelies! xx

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