Thursday, 4 August 2011

Why is my hair breaking??

People always say to me "I'm moisturing with X product, I've stopped doing X , I'm being gentle...why is my hair breaking?!"

1) You haven't learnt how to moisturise your hair properly.

Most people think that their hair is moisturised when it's laden with grease or oil. Uh-uh...water aka H20 is your cheapest and best-est (:-)) moisturiser. When I moisturise my hair I :
  • Spray a mixture of  with water and vegetable glycerin on my hair. (roughly 70% water 30% glycerin)
  • Apply a leave in/ water based moisturiser, 
  • Finally seal with an oil e.g Castor oil, Coconut oil etc.
 Generally, it's important to do all 3 of these steps or your hair won't be properly moisturised. Sometimes, I don't need to seal with an oil if my moisturiser is good enough, and in the summer if my hair is in twists/ braids, I can sometimes just spray on  mix of water, glycerin and conditioner and be good to go.

Also, if you're using products with petroleum, lanolin, mineral oil, or a lot of silicones, your hair will be moisturised at first, but after a few days/ weeks will become dry. Check out my post on products for more info

2)You're manipulating your hair too much.