Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Product Review: Kuza Shea Butter

Kuza 100% African Shea Butter, £2.99.

Hey folks, just a quickie product review. Kuza Shea Butter is they claim, 100% natural, unrefined Shea Butter which is hand poured. It's a yellow colour, and the texture is similar to.....well, butter.... Having used other unrefined shea butter brands before, this one is a lot creamier and less hard to manipulate which I assume means that they've whipped it before, because shea butter that hasn't been tampered with is never that smooth.

Despite that, it definitely smells like shea butter and when used on my skin made it suuuper soft. My hairs in yarn braids at the moment, so I can't give a 'full hair review', but I used it on a little section at the back, and it made it smooth and soft and shiny. :-).

  • All natural, unrefined
  • Cheap.
  • Don't have to buy it online.
  • Made my hair soft.
  • Can be used on hair and skin.
  • Has a nutty scent that SOME people may not like.
  • Could lead to build up as it very thick.

Overall, I give this a 4 1/2 out of 5, it's a great product and at a great price too. Check out your local black hair shop to see if it has it!


  1. I found this post from googling this shea butter.. I am using this.. but I read that pure shea butter cant be this yellow naturally.. that something must have been added.. which obviously doesnt make it unrefined/pure. How natural do you think it is? x

  2. You know what hun, I'm not exactly sure...it smelt similar to the other Shea butters I purchased which I know were 100% pure, but it was a slightly different colour to them. They might have added some kind of dye, but the label did say 100% pure..it would be a same if they were lying, but then again it was surprisingly cheap. I prefer to get my shea butter from shebuttercottage...

    1. Mmm I'm not convinced. I buy Shea Butter £10 for 300g and this is £2.99 for about the same size??? Something's up!

  3. i purchased it in a shop, very happy that i found it in a shop instead of buying it online,it smells like sheabutter but yes it is too creamy and too yellow,maybe it is mixed with a very yellow oil like jojoba oil