Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Natural Hair Accessories

Sooooo...natural hair is never boring in my opinion. But - there's alway a million and one more ways to make it look even more afrolicious. Hair accessories are a great way to liven up a boring style, or to switch a look up from daytime to evening styles.


This is a really fun look with polka dots. The way the scarf is tied seems quite intricate though..might see if I can figure that out another time..

For a retro/ quirky vibe a red bandanna can be used to make a simply ponytail look different. I like the way she's added a quiff at the front...

Sometimes, there are those bad hair days when all you ant to do is hide your hair....a colourful printed scarf  can even be good wnough for evening wear/ going out ...I think Tracee Ellis Ross looks lovely.

 This is just me with long kinky twist extensions.....the edges were getting messy and looked like peppercorns, so the scarf was neeeded...

I wouldn't usually use a pastel colour like this, but I like the way she's swept her fringe under the scarf..


This is just simple. Side ponytail with a hat at an angle.

This is a really casual look...good for when you want to completely hide your hair and just slum around.

Not sure if I would be brave enough to rock this one, but Solange manages to pull it off...

This was just before I went on holiday to Jamaica a couple years back. I had my hair in two strand twists (small ones), and just jammed a straw hat on top..

More of a turban than a hat.

From - a great style for summer, and something that could be replicated on looser or tighter textures and look cute.

This was for s hot I did for Afrocenchix ( did my hair in a side ponytail, and added a flower at the side... ....Simple curly afro look with a flower.

If you have any inspirational photos of you rocking a natural accessory, share them! I'd love to post them up....

Peace, Love and Hair Grease folks xx


  1. That was a side pony tail?! Dang girl that's a lot of hair!!!!

  2. lol was like the video i did on facebook. I did it with a shoelace so there was a lot of hair out..

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