Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Natural Hair Trend...Turbans

Trends aren't always great...jeggings, bellytops, or 80's neon (sorry, but 80's neon is never, ever cool in my book. Ever.) But this trend I happen to think is great. It's a protective style, it's classic, and it's a part of many cultures round the world. I've been experimenting over the past couple of days because I've been having lazy hair days, and I'm loving the turban look!

This is a great way to hide a bad hair day, especially if you need to look sophisticated in a hurry (i.e. those mornings when you wake up late for church). Protective styling can often be that toss up between looking good and keeping your ends healthy, but this is a really good way to do both...

My attempt




How to tie a turban: If you want to know how to tie a turban, this is a really good youtube tutorial..

Some tips: 
  • Make sure you don't tie your headscarf or turban too tight...this can damage the edges of your hair.
  • If the material is cotton/ a harsher fabric, wear a silk or satin scarf underneath to protect your hair.
  • Use it to deep condition your hair..yes, if you're brave rock that shower cap with deep conditioner under the turban. No one will know!
  • Wear it with confidence...I think most people can pull off headwraps or turbans if they're confident about it :-)
Peace, Love, and Hair Grease folks x


  1. Me likey...I wear head wraps lots of times...

  2. Great minds think alike...

  3. I know I'm a lil late but I really liked this post. Thanks for sharing. I have a linkback to it on my blog.