Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Natural Inspiration

I love looking at pictures of other women with Natural hair when I'm feeling uninspired or having an 'ugly hair day. One of my favourite sites is:,  which has beautiful pictures of locks, fro's, teeny-weeny afro's and even baldies.Here are some of my favourite natural hair inspirational pics. Often natural beauty can be seen as very one dimensional with only really 'curly' textures getting a look in. I like seeing pictures of naturals of aaaallllll textures, especially textures that are similar to my own....

 Disclaimer: Please note that the women I've pictured are hair inspirations only. I've tried to pick  people that from what I know are positive in general, but I dont keep up to date on celebs and don't wanna endorse anyone who talks/sings/ or participates in what I constitute to be foolishness...

Esperanza Spalding
I love how her hair is so carefree and just pulled back off her face. It's that casual lok where the main focus isn't her hair. When I want a nice puff like this, I usually use a shoelace (yup, you read right), or a cut off end of an old pair of stockings/ tights. Keeps the puff nice and big without poofy edges.

Tomiko Fraser 
(Her skin looks sooo perfect)...her hair is at that 'in between' that most girls hate, but I think it looks gorgeous..this is probably a twist-put (twists left in overnight and then taken out for a defined look. Use aloe vera gel/ a heavy butter when twisting to give more definition)

   Corinne Bailey Rae

This look can be acheived by a twisting/ braiding your hair tightly, leaving it in overnight, and then taking it out...if your hair is a tighter texture, you can blowdry your hair and set it on perm rods, but I don't advise using heat...although your hair won't have the same curl pattern as Corinne's if you have a tighter texture, it will still be beautiful and uniquely yours :-)

                                                                    Lauryn Hill

I love her chunky locks. Locks aren't for me, but I think she wears them really well.

                                                                  Marsha Hunt

Biggest, baddest fro evaaah. Full stop.

I love the look of this whole photo. Nature, natural is beauty.
                                                                 Unknown Beauty

                                                       T'Keyah Crsytal Kemar
 This is another braidout I think, and her hair texture is slightly tighter than Corinne's. Lovely, and full and soft looking.

                                                                    Valerie June

Another one for my locked ladies. Again, not a look I would choose, but she looks beautiful.

                                                                     Leela James
This looks like a blow-out. Again, I don't advise using heat really, but I can't deny the fro looks cool...

                                                                         Neomie Lenoir

If you do go for the big chop, you can look beautiful with short to no hair. (Even if you're not a supermodel like Neomie)

Make some inspiration of your own!! Take a picture of yourself on a day when your hair is looking fresh and remember that God made you naturally beautiful,and he loves you just how you are :-) (and even on your bad hair days ;-))
Peace, love and Hair grease folks xx

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