Thursday, 1 March 2012

Review: La Jay Wig, Vanessa

SO I got this wig. which is crazy because I dont wear wigs. However, it looks very natural and rather amazing if I do say so myself, so I'm gam. Here is a picture.

It was from
When I first got it it was long and veeerrry curly, so I trimmed it and also finger combed it to make it more afro-y and frizzy and generally more natural looking.

I get a bunch of compliments on it (not that I live for those), and most people can't tell it's not my real hair. Even other black women, which surely is a good sign.


  • Good protective style
  • Fairly cheap
  • Natural looking
  • Not human hair (the idea of human hair grosses me a little)
  • Easy to use
  • Seems to be getting tangled at the back near my collar.
  • It is called 'LaJay'.

I give it a 4.5/5.

 I knock half a point off because i know I'm going to have to repurchase it when it gets tatty, as it isn't the most high quality wig in the world, but that's to be expected. Also it gets point knock offs for being called LaJay. (No offence to anyone called LaJay. Well, you're already offended by now. Anyhoo). Why not call her Kemi? Or even a cliched Nefertiti or something? But LaJay? Really?

I'll be doing part 2 of natural relaxers soon, so watch this space x


  1. If I EVER wear a wig, its gonna be this one!
    it looks hot x

  2. Just got the la jay wig. I work with mostly white folk, they thought it was my hair ofourse, some couldn't resist trying to touch it. Any way I really like and will get it in another color soon.

    1. where did you order your la Jay?