Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Product Review: Lush Perfumes

I looovee Lush. let me repeat. I loooovvveee Lush. So much. I spend too much money there. It's quite obscene. Anyway, for those of you who don't know, Lush is a shop that sells all kind of yummy natural and fresh products.
I've tried loads of their stuff, but one of their product lines that I've really been enjoying is their perfume line. I love essential oils, aromatherapy, and any kind of smelly stuff. In fact, I probably have a tendency to get too smell happy. I also react badly to most shop bought perfumes and deodorants because of the chemicals in them (I get rashes etc), which can be really frustrating as natural deodorants aren't usually as effective, but Lush has been my top choice so far.

Lush perfumes come in 3 strengths. The big black bottle is the strongest, the thin atomiser is the next strongest, and the solid perfumes are the weakest. I only ever try the solids because £5 is pretty good to spend on perfume, plus you can carry them with you anywhere, and they last long enough to be worth the dosh.

So, onto the product review:

1) Karma Solid Perfume

I've shopped at Lush for ages, and ALWAYS hated this perfume. I thought it was earthy and hippy in the worst possible way. I also usually hate any scent that's mildly fruity. Buuuut...I recently went in to my local Lush to pick up my usual cleanser and moisturiser, and happened to sniff my way over to the perfume section. I sniffed Karma, to remind myself how much I hated it, and strangely, my nostrils caught a rather pleasant odour.

This perfume has  orange as a top note, and patchouli as a base note. It has quite a sweet, slightly fruity, but spicy scent.

You will either love it OR hate it. It's the kind of scent that if I wear it strongly enough, I will offend someone. I happen to be a convert...sample it in the LUSH shop and see what you think.
Pity about the name - i don't believe in Karma.

2) Lust

This is pure Jasmine. It's loud and heady, but a scent I always get compliments on. Again, i think you will either love it or hate it, BUT most people I've encountered love it.
It also has notes of Vanilla, which is another scent I absolutely love. The name rings quite true, it is, I believe, *blushes* fairly sensual, but, that was definitely not my intention when I bought it, I just liked the smell. Lol. (Had to put that disclaimer out there). Again, pity about the name.

3) Vanillary

Not much to say about this one. It's vanilla with notes of tonka and jasmine. It's pretty inoffensive, girly and smells like candy. Definitely not a love or hate like the other two, it was the first ever Lush fragrance I bought, and my favourite for ages until I discovered Lust.

All 3 perfumes are roughly £5, so head to your local Lush, and check them out!!


  1. I'm not really a Lush fan but this review got me sold so i'm going to check out their solid perfume...Islam lifestyle stores also carry really good roll on perfumes that are natural, alcohol free,last ages and are only £3 - check them out.

  2. Hey AikaT :-), I'm the biggest Lush fan, but I know some people hate it the smell can be overpowering, let me now what you think!...Islam lifestyle stores, hmmm I've never gone into one, I'll check that out. Thanks for the tip luvy...

  3. Lush looks great, but I always thought their things were expensive! I might have to pop in again after this.